A General Lack of Compliance Cooperation – Article Post

By Alex Bender, Director, eGRC Programs and Strategy, EMC

Recently I had a discussion with Mike Vizard who is one of the leading reporters on GRC and how IT works with the multiple domains across the organization. He wrote an article titled: A General Lack of Compliance Cooperation. In the article he presents some of the recent findings in a recent survey/study of over 191 GRC practitioners from the RSA Archer eGRC Community.

My favorite finding in the article is that it is clear that risk assessments, policy management and controls assessments are widely implemented. Through my countless interactions with enterprises around the world these elements are essential in implementing a solid eGRC strategy. Top companies implement these core GRC elements to also monitor, assess and validate 3rd party organizations adherence to policies and to uncover risks. As he pointed out…monitoring 3rd party risks is one of the key issues that companies are dealing with today and the companies who are not doing it are in jeopardy.

I urge you to read the article and download the survey from The Ponemon Institute.

EMC and the Ponemon Institute will also be presenting the results of the eGRC and Privacy Management Survey during a webcast on July 12th at 10am Central US. Click here to sign up and I look forward to all of you asking Larry Ponemon questions as well as participating in our webcast polls.


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